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The Institute for Creative Health to Voluntarily Cease Operations

20 March 2019

The Institute for Creative Health to Voluntarily Cease Operations After Championing the Development of a Vibrant Australian Arts In Health Sector 

The Institute for Creative Health was established in 2006 when we were originally known as the Arts and Health Foundation.  Our strategy was to become a national body with a reputation as a trusted advocate for the arts to be delivered within health and social service organisations and the broader community.  In particular, in 2013, we successfully took a leadership role in a nation advocacy campaign on behalf of the arts in health sector for Federal, State and Territory Governments to introduce a National Arts Health Policy Framework. 

After helping to establish this very important bedrock of support, The Institute broadened its scope to include the uptake of arts practice within healthcare settings and communities.  We effectively promoted this cause, using evidenced-based arts and health models to advance the development of a resilient sector.  In 2015, we also embarked on a successful mission to introduce music therapy programs in hospitals and in communities with the support of health organisations and private donors.  

In 2017, The Institute played a key partnership role in setting up a specific music in health service at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.  This now serves as a reference point for other hospitals and health organisations with similar ambitions.  Thanks to the assistance of a Federal Government grant, The Institute also set up State and Territory Leadership Groups so more people could foster leadership in our sector and use their voices to influence policy development into the future.  

The Institute, however, has fulfilled its key charter to demonstrate that arts in health and arts therapy provide measurable health benefits to patients, families, carers and the community at large.  The impact is being felt every day, in many, many different settings.  As a result of a recent strategic review, The Institute's Board decided that our core purposes have been successfully completed.  We determined, therefore, to take the appropriate steps to voluntarily cease all operations no later than 30 June, 2019.  

Some of our services will live on.  The Institute has made a donation to the Royal Melbourne Hospital - Business Development Unit to foster our Leadership Groups to give them more time to become self-sustaining.  They will now operate under the name Creative Health, Australian Leadership Collective.  The hospital has also agreed to maintain a website and social media network with material we previously had published and which is important to the arts in health community.  In addition, The Institute will make a donation to Chris O'Brien Lifehouse to help maintain its Music in Health Program. 

There is now a broad sweep of talented professional groups throughout Australia dedicated to spreading the use and availability of arts in health services.  They are staffed with highly experienced people who will embrace our achievements and continue to advance the cause in their own way.  We thank the many who helped us, and we wish every success to those who remain dedicated to our cause. 

We have been very fortunate to work and associate with many skilled people and dedicated organisations over the years.  In particular we would like to thank the following groups of people:-

  • Past and present Directors of The Institute - a very hard working group of individuals 
  • All professionals in the arts and health sector that The Institute has worked with, in particular Deborah Mills, Emma O'Brien and Maz McGann
  • Our past and present Ambassadors and Board Advisory Committee
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, the former partners of Henry Davis York, Brogan & Co and Titan Partners
  • The Goodridge Foundation and The Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation 

On behalf of the Board of The Institute for Creative Health. 

Yours sincerely, 

Michael Brogan

Date: 20 March 2019 

A statement from the Chair is available below in PDF