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New Creative Health Resources out of SA

19 March 2019

The Arts Tonic Series is a range of information, promotion and advocacy resources, produced by the SA Creative Health Leadership Group.  The resources provide some easy to digest facts about the value of arts and creativity to health and wellbeing - both for individuals and communities.  Each of the facts has been extracted from a peer reviewed research papers that are detailed in the e-book and can be easily accessed via links. The Arts Tonic resources are designed to appeal to a broad audience including health professionals working across the spectrum of health care, community development, arts industries and social services and can be used easily to convey the value of arts in these settings - with the evidence to back it up.

The series of postcards included within the collection cover areas including ageing, neighbourhood connections, childhood development, primary health care and general wellbeing. A poster and a downloadable E-Book that includes all the imagery and the reference material has also been created and is available via the links below. 

For more Information about the Arts Tonic Series contact Maz McGann on 0438 807 973 or

You can download the Arts Tonic Resources here!